Die Macht der Christus Zwingt Sie!

(The power of Christ compels you!)


The invaluable CD set called “Okkulte Stimmen” (Paranormal or Occult Voices) contains 64 tracks of recordings of channeled spirits, possessed children, seances, speaking in tongues, glossolalia, xenoglossy, Electro Voice Phenomena and channeled music.

A little less than half of the tracks are in languages other than English. One of the more intriguing is this recording of an exorcism.

Exorcism of Anneliese Michel (1976)

Wikipedia sez, of this case:

Anneliese Michel (September 21, 1952 – July 1, 1976) was a German Catholic woman who was said to be possessed by demons and subsequently underwent an exorcism. Two motion pictures, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Requiem, are loosely based on Anneliese’s story.

Anneliese experienced what is recognized by medical professionals as severe psychiatric disturbances from the age of 16 to her death, at age 23, as a direct or indirect result of an exorcism ritual. Both priests who performed the exorcism and Anneliese’s parents were convicted of negligent homicide. The Roman Catholic Church, which had authorized the exorcism, reversed its position and declared Anneliese Michel a case of mental illness. Many people believe she was genuinely possessed by demons, and her grave site is a destination for pilgrims to this day.

The recording is surprisingly clear, and those who can translate German into English are encouraged to give it a try. The only word I understand is “Scheiß” (scheisse), unfortunately.

Poor Anneliese was 23 when she died-one of the numbers associated with death.


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7 responses to “Die Macht der Christus Zwingt Sie!

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  3. sergio

    This one really freaked me out! Brilliant!

  4. spacebrother

    You should hear the other stuff in the set. Some of the seance stuff is great, as well as the possessed children.

  5. talkmyshitagain

    I found a download of this the other day and can’t find much info on it anywhere. Really curious stuff. Are the liner notes available anywhere to read?

  6. spacebrother

    I haven’t found the liner notes anywhere online yet. I had to mail order it from a store in England. All I had to do was remain patient and get it for free, but I’m not patient. I suppose getting the documentation is the only advantage to that philosophy.

  7. 64151

    im still not totally sold that exorcisms are true, i mean so what if they made a movie. i gotta see one in real life. dats whats up

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