Linda Laurie On TV!

Still trying to figure out how to activate my FTP again to post more audio, but here is a link to a 1959 appearance by singer Linda Laurie on To Tell The Truth. Laurie recorded some very strange music, including my personal favorites “Ambrose Pt. 5” and “Jose, He Say,” both of which I own on vinyl 45s. Check out her scary “Ambrose” voice at 6:10! Kind of makes you wonder about “possessed” voices, doesn’t it?

Fun Fact: Laurie shared writing credit with amazing exotica composer/ bandleader Jimmie Haskell for the theme song to Land of the Lost!


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7 responses to “Linda Laurie On TV!

  1. Linda Laurie did both voices?! Had no idea…

  2. spacebrother

    I didn’t until I watched the video. Too bad we never heard more out of Linda, although there is perhaps more waiting to be uncovered.

  3. Yeah, that’s a trip she did both voices…Whoda thunk?

  4. spacebrother


    Yeah, so much for “impossible” voices from possessed kids.

    Someone should locate Linda for an interview.

  5. Eric Gertz

    My aunt, Linda Laurie passed away yesterday morning after a long battle with cancer. She was an amazing woman…..

  6. Larry Guidry

    I actually spoke to her in 2009, she sadly passed away in 2010, my friend Wesley Smith, also had a chance to speak to her. We talked briefly about her growing up listening to black choir music and going to the studios to listen and learn about the industry. She was planning to do a website but she became to ill. She really wanted recognition for her novelty tunes at the rock hall of fame, but we will remember her music for a long time! A lot of her tunes can be located on ACE cd’s and websites.

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