Three Versions of a Song About A Ghost


The best holiday of the year has to be Halloween. It’s devoted to the strange, scary and macabre, so how could it not be exciting? Much of my favorite music riffs on themes of the paranormal and things that aren’t quite right.

Ghost songs are legion. One of the best has got to be Mr. Ghost Goes To Town, which has been recorded by many groups thoughout the decades. There’s even a Hammond Organ version up on youtube. The peppy tune was written in 1936 by the famous songwriters Will Hudson, Irving Mills and Mitchell Parish.

The most creative cover here has to be the entry from Zeke Manners and His Swing Billies. Manners went to Fairfax High School which is right near my house! More on Zeke here.

Which one is your favorite?

The 5 Jones Boys: Mr. Ghost Goes To Town

The Tune Wranglers: Mr. Ghost Goes To Town

Zeke Manners and His Swing Billies: Mr. Ghost Goes To Town


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6 responses to “Three Versions of a Song About A Ghost

  1. Eric

    I would LOVE a copy of the Zeke Manners version of “Mr. Ghost Goes To Town.” Can you send me the MP3?

  2. spacebrother

    I can do that. Glad you liked the song.

    You can also download any number of freeware programs that record streaming audio and any other audio that is playing through your sound card.

  3. WM

    Just found this song thanks to Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio. I know Vic Mezze adapted this for The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, one of my favorite movie soundtracks. I looked for it for years and found it here in these delightful versions.

  4. Mike

    I really like this old swing hit, Mr. Ghost. Unfortunately, those links you provided above are no longer active. And I can’t find that creative version of Mr. Ghost you mentioned, by Zeke Manners & His Swing Billies anywhere – iTunes, Amazon, or the web (even in streaming format). I’ve seen other versions – just not that Zeke Manners one. Would you be generous enough to send me a copy of that mp3, as well? I’d much appreciate it.


  5. Thanks for finding the Zeke Manners song. I heard it on my local jazz station and wanted to find it again, and this is the only site that had it! Good work.

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