Robert Omlit: Gay is OK!

If prompted, my  friend Robert Larson will reminisce about the glory days of punk rock behind the Orange Curtain (Orange County, CA) in the late 1970s. His band Naughty Women opened for such acts as TSOL and The Mentors.

One of the most compelling people he met on the scene was a guy named Robert Omlit. He used to perform with his band The Omlits or alone with a rubber duck strapped to his head. His real surname was Logan, and I believe that he committed suicide sometime in the late 1980s. The 2006 film American Hardcore is dedicated to him. Some call him the Godfather of OC Punk.

His way of coming out of the closet was with a self-recorded and produced cassette called Gay Is OK! Omlit stomps, picks and tinkles his way through an assortment of almost unintelligible songs that are amazing. I’ve lost the home-made j-card that came with the cassette, so the song titles are unfortunately lost to history, at least in my house.

This one’s only 41 seconds long and is probably the shortest track on the tape.

Robert Omlit – I Am Just A Skeleton

Here’s a clip of Bob performing on New Wave Theater with his other band, Several Pamelas.

UPDATE: Commenter Dennis Catron has a great Omlit tribute page here.


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11 responses to “Robert Omlit: Gay is OK!

  1. Hey, thanks for posting the tune. This sounds more authentic then other stuff around the Internet that’s supposed to be Robert & isn’t. I have aRobert tribute on my site if you’d like a look.

    Take care,


  2. Stacey

    Robert was my uncle. Also he was the most influencial people in my life and I was crushed when he died. I am always glad to hear someone reminiss about him. It was such a loss to this world when he died.
    What I would also like to add is that he is probably rolling over in his grave at you calling him Bob. He hated that. He was, is, and will always be Robert Omlit!

    • Milly


      Its millie and can you BELIEVE Robert’s on the Net????????

      Well we called him Bob to tease him heeheee!

      <33333333333333333 robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. spacebrother


    Your tribute page puts this one to shame. I’ll link it to the post.

    I never met Logan, but my friend Robert Larson had told me some great stories, along with his Mentors reminisces.

  4. spacebrother


    Wow. To be related to Omlit is incredible. Sounds like you got along great with your uncle. How did he influence you?

    I think I’ll leave the “Bob” up, since it would have gotten a great reaction from him. He would probably have thrown something disgusting at me.

    Funny, my buddy Robert Larson doesn’t like being called “Bob” either. We first met at a show at Jabberjaw in L.A. I was wearing a SubGenius t-shirt with a huge picture of Bob Dobbs on it.

  5. Rob’t is my brother. He was an amazing and crazy person. I’d be happy to share some of his recordings I have with you and Dennis at some point.

  6. spacebrother

    Kree P.,

    I would like that very much. So would my friend Robert Larson from Naughty Women.

  7. SNS

    They have Robt stuff here!! OMLITS even!!

  8. Hey Spacebrother! Thanks for this page — I have a copy of this tape with the J-card, though I honestly don’t know how or where I found it. It’s been sitting around with a slew of old tapes of mine and I was going to get around to digitizing it later today. If you like I can write up the songtitle list and/or scan the cover, though I see from comments that maybe that’s not needed if Robt’s brother’s been in contact.

  9. Harlot Omlit

    Hey Dennis,

    I see your website is not active at this time. I was in the Omlits and I’d love to see any archives you may have.

    Thanks so much for remembering Robt.

    Harlot Omlit

  10. Greetings, moved everything to a new website, Roberts page is intact. Please feel free to add any tidbits you’d like 🙂

    Dennis Catron

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