Mae West Sings About Criswell


This is one of those things that you just can’t believe.

In her frightening dotage, Mae West became friends with pop psychic and Ed Wood acting staple Jeron Criswell King. West would invite Criswell up to her apartment in the penthouse at the Ravenswood on Vine Street for homecooked dinners and each year would “sell” Criswell a year-old Cadillac for $1.

In return, Criswell predicted that West would be elected President of the United States and they would both take a trip to the moon. In the perfect parallel universe from which we are forever barred, this of course came true.

As a tribute to her friend, West recorded a song entitled, predictably enough, Criswell Predicts. I believe that this has been posted online before, but you can’t get enough of a good thing.

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  1. Oh, man! That was great!

    Added your link. Keep up the good work.


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